October 25


How to Sell with Words –
5 Proven Tips for E-Commerce Copywriting

October 25, 2022

Copywriting is an important skill for every e-commerce entrepreneur to learn. With even a few copywriting skills and tools under your belt, you’ll be able to create content that clearly explains the unique benefits of your offering to your audience and urge them to buy.

Know Your Audience Well

Copywriters don’t spend most of their time writing. They spend it studying their audience so they understand what they’re looking for and what problems are nagging at them. Once you know this, you can craft your message so that it appeals to them. Start with a thorough understanding of who you’re writing for and what they want from you.

Spend some time researching and learning about your target market online. Find out where they hang out and connect with them there.

Write at a Middle School Level

No, your customers aren’t slow. The reason copywriters write at this level is that it forces you to be simple and clear. If you write so that a 13-year-old can easily understand, no one in your actual audience will miss the message.

Write as if you’re talking to a friend. Avoid big words or industry jargon. Cut down sentences so they’re as short as possible while still staying natural and conveying the message.

Use AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

AIDA is a simple formula for leading the reader to buy. You start by getting their attention and then draw them in and maintain their interest. Next, you spark their desire by discussing the benefits of your offering. Finally, get them to take action by telling them what they need to do in order to receive the benefits you mentioned.

Of course, no formula works perfectly for any audience and any product. Even if you don’t use AIDA, create copy that grabs a reader’s attention first, then draws interest and desire before leading them to take action.

Test Your Copy

Good copy isn’t “good” because it sounds nice or is literary. The reason is that it works. Marketing is ruthlessly scientific. You’re writing to produce results. For this reason, you need to test your copy so that you know what works. Use split testing to see which headlines, phrases, or format work best. Pay close attention to your analytics so you can tweak and perfect.

Be Unique

Don’t be afraid to take chances. The best copy is unique. It stands out from the crowd and shouts above the noise. Especially online, your uniqueness is what makes you memorable and what gets attention.

Pay attention to ad copy you see around you. What draws your attention? Which do you like best? If you think about why, it’s probably the copy’s uniqueness. Lift ideas wherever you find them and run them in your copy to see if they work.

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