October 28


Content Design vs SEO Copywriting – What’s the Difference?

October 28, 2022

Content design and SEO copywriting are both important for drawing the audience in and leading them to take action. They both require a keen understanding of the audience and written content that’s direct and easy to consume.

Although at first they may seem quite similar, there are some key differences that are important to understand so you know where to employ each for best results.

Right Now vs the Customer Journey

SEO copywriting delivers a message to the reader. It lives in the moment, with one clear purpose: to get the reader to take action. When someone lands on a sales page, there’s one thing you want them to do and that’s click “Buy Now.” It is singular in its mission.

Content design is different in that it focuses on the entire customer journey. Rather than a sole purpose, it could serve any number of purposes depending on where this piece of content fits in your overall content strategy.

For example, designing your blog in this way means that you know whether the person landing on a post is a loyal reader or a brand-new audience member. If the post is aimed at current readers, you might focus on building a relationship with them or offering them value, not just getting them to buy.

For this approach, the creator has to map the customer journey. This is the story of someone’s relationship with your brand from initial awareness to brand advocacy. Along the way, you identify touchpoints where they have contact with your brand. Each piece of content is placed at one of these touchpoints.

Writing for Search Engines

While content design focuses on the reader and their journey, SEO copywriting also takes into account the search engines. It’s optimized with keywords and phrases related to the topic that will bring traffic from Google.

SEO copywriting is also different in that it casts the net wide. It’s the entryway to your sales funnel, bringing new leads in and qualifying them. No matter what topic or product, all sales copy follows this same basic approach.

Content design doesn’t focus on keywords and SEO. You might use keywords naturally in text, but your audience members are human beings, not search engines. You’re trying to create the best user experience and your material is custom-tailored and personalized just for them.

Where SEO and Content Design Come Together

Now that you know the difference between these two approaches, there are some ways they can link together to become more effective. You can employ copywriting techniques in your content to make it more effective at meeting your audience’s needs and expectations at each touchpoint with your brand.

Furthermore, good content design will naturally boost your SEO. Your website will attract more searches if it’s easy to navigate and it meets visitors’ needs.

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